How it Works

Opening an account

You can set up a Jumpstart Savings account in as little as 10 minutes. You may choose to open an account for yourself, or for another qualified beneficiary, such as a relative or employee.

Once your enrollment application is approved by the West Virginia State Treasurer’s Office, a representative from United Bank will contact you to finalize the account opening process.

You’ll need to make an initial deposit of at least $5 to get started.

Adding Money

Make state tax-advantaged contributions to the Jumpstart Savings Account up to $25,000 each year. After this, anyone can contribute as much as they want as often as they wish, including family members and your employer. Accounts do not have a maximum yearly contribution amount or lifetime limit.

You can also set up automatic deposits through United Bank to make saving effortless.

Using your account

Use money from your Jumpstart Savings Account to pay for tools, equipment, supplies, and other business costs.

Funds withdrawn from your Jumpstart Savings Account that you use for qualified expenses may be eligible for additional state tax benefits.

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