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Plumbers: Savings designed for YOU!

Licensed plumbers enjoy job stability, solid wages, and professional independence. These highly trained tradespeople follow state and local building codes to inspect, install, and test pipe systems and fixtures. They’re also skilled troubleshooters, repairing and replacing malfunctioning plumbing systems.

Journey-level plumbers can work all the way up to the master level, earning higher salaries, increased flexibility, and new opportunities across a broad spectrum of industries. The Jumpstart Savings Program can help these skilled trade professionals save for the cost of doing business.

As they set aside funds for the purchase of tools, supplies, transportation, and other business costs, they can use this state tax-advantaged savings account to reduce their state taxable income. The Jumpstart Savings Program can help West Virginia plumbers maximize their savings as they build and grow businesses in a trade facing record demand.

Saving Made Easy

Enrolling in the Jumpstart Savings Program is easy and the application only takes about ten minutes to complete.

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Possible qualified expenses for plumbers:

  • Equipment, tools and supplies
  • Endorsements, licenses and certifications
  • Work truck and safety equipment
  • Drills, saws, wrenches and welding torches
  • Pliers, augers, and press-fitting and drain-cleaning tools
  • Business and marketing costs
  • Additional training costs
  • New certifications