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CDL Truck Drivers: Savings designed for YOU!

The job outlook for CDL driving is bright. As the United States becomes increasingly more reliant on online ordering and home delivery, the trucking industry has battled employment shortages for decades.

The specialized equipment and supplies needed for owners-operators are expensive, but the Jumpstart Savings Program offers CDL drivers a way to offset these costs.

Many CDL drivers make the transition from company drivers to independent owner-operators, contracting with businesses to load and secure cargo, drive long distances, and ensure timely deliveries. This career transition may offer drivers increased flexibility and work-life balance.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that heavy equipment and tractor-trailer driving jobs will grow by four percent between 2021-2031. The Jumpstart Savings Program supports these trade professionals in West Virginia by providing a tax-advantaged savings account to help them build a strong financial foundation for qualified expenses.

Saving Made Easy

Enrolling in the Jumpstart Savings Program is easy and the application only takes about ten minutes to complete.

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Possible qualified expenses for CDL drivers:

  • Equipment and supplies
  • Purchase or lease of truck and trailer
  • Freight fees and truck maintenance
  • Specialized equipment
  • Fuel costs
  • CDL license and physical exams
  • Additional education
  • New certifications