Ignite Incentive

Skilled trade professionals are the backbone of their families, communities, and our nation’s economy.

That’s why the State Treasurer will deposit $100 into a newly opened Jumpstart Savings Account for young people under the age of 18 and older individuals beginning a qualified apprenticeship or training program.

Ready to ignite your career? Find out if this special incentive is for you:  

Ignite Incentive Eligibility

To receive the $100 Ignite Incentive, your account’s Designated Beneficiary must be:

  • A West Virginia resident and
  • Under the age of 18 or have enrolled in qualified apprenticeship or training program within 180 days of opening the account. Qualified training program include:
    • Apprenticeship programs registered and certified with the United States Department of Labor (as provided in 29 U.S.C. §50)
    • Apprenticeship programs required by West Virginia law or rule
    • Associate degree or certification programs from a community and technical college; or
    • License or certification programs from an Advance Career Education (ACE) career center.

Ready to take action?

  • Enroll in the Jumpstart Savings Program here.
  • To prove eligibility for the $100 Ignite Incentive, you must provide certain documentation.  The documentation can be uploaded to the application portal at the time of application, mailed to the State Treasurer’s Office, or uploaded within 30 days of submission of the account application.
  • If the Designated Beneficiary is under age 18, a copy of the Designated Beneficiary’s valid West Virginia state-issued driver’s license or identification card, or a copy of the Designated Beneficiary’s birth certificate, is required within 30 days of completing the Jumpstart Savings Account application.
  • If the Designated Beneficiary enrolled in a qualifying educational or apprenticeship program within the last 180 days, proof of qualifying apprenticeship or educational program enrollment must be submitted within 30 days of completing your Jumpstart Savings Account application. Proof of qualifying apprenticeship or educational program enrollment must:
    • Include the beneficiary’s name, program name, and program start date;
    • Be on official letterhead from the education and training provider; and
    • Contain a signature and contact information for a representative from the education and training provider.

Once eligibility for the Ignite Incentive has been confirmed and you have deposited a minimum of $5 in your Jumpstart Savings Account, you will receive $100 deposited directly into your Jumpstart Savings Account at United Bank. Depending on the timing of your Ignite approval, it could take up to 45 days for your funds to actually be placed into your Jumpstart Savings Account.

Please note: A deposit to your Jumpstart Savings Account, pursuant to the Ignite Incentive Program, may result in federal and state income tax liability according to applicable laws.   Additionally, an individual may be the Designated Beneficiary for an Account that receives the $100 deposit described only one time during said individual’s lifetime, regardless of the number of Accounts for which an individual is named as Designated Beneficiary.