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Electricians: Savings designed for YOU!

Consistent with nearly all trade professions, the electrical industry is facing a critical skills shortage and record demand. However, this challenging career boasts professional flexibility, a diversity of workplaces, and one of the highest median salaries reported in the skilled trades.

As many electricians work alone, they enjoy the perks and responsibilities of being their own bosses. The Jumpstart Savings Program can help future and current electricians as they navigate the opportunities for massive career growth and financial security in West Virginia.

Electricians in West Virginia can grow their businesses by using this tax-advantaged savings account for qualified expenses, like equipment, tools, and supplies. The Jumpstart Savings Program supports these trade professionals by reducing their state taxable income.

Saving Made Easy

Enrolling in the Jumpstart Savings Program is easy and the application only takes about ten minutes to complete.

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Possible qualified expenses for electricians:

  • Equipment, tools and supplies
  • Endorsements, licenses and certifications
  • Work truck expenses
  • Electrical meters and testers
  • Specialized tools and equipment
  • Business startup costs
  • Additional training costs
  • New certifications