Qualified Expenses

Save for what you need to get the job done.

The money in your account can be used for a variety of work-related expenses, like work boots and business cards. Qualified expenses are geared toward beginning your career or growing your business in a qualifying profession. Some examples include:

  • Ordinary and necessary business expenses
    An ordinary expense is anything that is common and accepted to a specific trade or business. A necessary expense is anything helpful and appropriate for your trade or business that you cannot do without. Ordinary and necessary business expenses often include things like rental expenses, taxes, insurance, and employee compensation.
  • Business start-up costs
    Need office space or inventory? In the market for a service truck? How about marketing materials? A Jumpstart Savings Account can help you save for the things you need to launch a new business.
  • Tools, equipment, and supplies used exclusively in a qualifying profession
    Need a pair of channel locks or a table saw? What about work boots or other protective equipment? How about an air compressor or concrete mixer?
  • Fees for required certifications or licenses
    Does your job site require OSHA 30? Do you need your Class A CDL? You may be able to use your Jumpstart Savings Account to help cover the costs for industry-required licenses and certifications needed to practice a qualifying profession in West Virginia.

Learn more about using the Jumpstart Savings Program to save for qualified expenses here.